Wednesday, January 30, 2008

FOX Channel 13 Interview-Sherrie St. James-Bastien

The video for FOX is online! Thank you, Lloyd!

Special thank you goes to Lloyd Sowers of FOX Channel 13-Tampa Bay, for the interview on Tuesday, January 15. Lloyd and his incredibly talented cameraman, artistically created a wonderful piece on my "Industrial Art" metal sculptures. I was flattered to tears, though I was very nervous, it was a wonderful experience. Lloyd was very effective in orchestrating something masterful out of my timidness.

This may seem Like I'm accepting a Grammy...but so be it!

Special warm thanks to my incredible welding teacher at Erwin Tech, Tim Farr...and Roland, who's class I crashed occassionally (when he's not chasing seƱoritas in Mexico), thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks Mr. Donahue x 2 you've been my Principal! A real big hug and thanks to Steve Briant, Allyson, and (you know who you are) for showing enthusiasm for my work, giving me confidence, kindly pushing me in front of a news camera...and also being there for me at a sad point in my life (loss of my father). Thank you dad for giving me your artistic talent (i miss you), mom, for being my rock, my aunt for my inspiration, and my sister RhondaK for my SPICE (and so much more I don't have enough bandwidth). Last but not least the loving, wholehearted support and encouragment of my husband, Jeff.

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